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Preschool Director Hillary Posner


Hillary Posner is honored to serve as the Director of Early Childhood Education at the Andrew Friedland Early Childhood Learning Center at Temple Beth Rishon.  

She is committed to creating a strong, faith-based educational program in our wonderful school where egalitarian values, sound foundational skills and play with a purpose are always in focus. Hillary brings great energy to the program. The children love her boundless enthusiasm, joy, and affection, while parents rave about her personal attention, availability and communication.

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Having earned her bachelor’s degree at Syracuse University and a master’s in teaching from Iona College, Hillary has devoted more than 25 years to working in education with young children and their families.  


Prior to becoming the Director at Temple Beth Rishon, Hillary taught at YJCC in Washington Township, the JCC of Manhattan, Temple Bet Torah in Mount Kisco, NY and Temple Sharray Tefilah on the Upper East Side.  She further developed her professional skills as Division Head for Camp Hillard for over 20 years. Hillary has completely committed herself to furthering the education and growth of all children in her care, and appreciates that her dedication is equally matched by all of the wonderful staff, clergy and lay leadership that surround her at Temple Beth Rishon.

Hillary resides in nearby Tenafly with her family. The unwavering support they provide her is a source of abundant pride that fuels her daily efforts to lead the Andrew Friedland Early Childhood Learning Center in the best possible ways!  

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