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Donate to Temple Beth Rishon

Tzedakah is often translated from Hebrew to mean “charity,” but its true meaning is rooted in the obligation to justice and righteousness. Each individual act of tzedakah expresses a sacred and enduring Jewish value by connecting us through the continuous pursuit to better our world overall and more specifically, to enhance our community.

Like any thriving religious or cultural institution, we rely on the generosity of our members to help maintain financial soundness. Contributions enable excellent educational programs, employing devoted clergy and professional staff, extensive cultural and social programs and our beautiful facilities.

Paths to Contribute

Tribute Cards

Offering congratulations for a mitzvah, condolences for a loss or a simple thank-you are perfect opportunities for sending a tribute card. Your donation will be designated to the fund of your choice from those listed below. All donations will be published in the temple newsletter, unless specified otherwise. 

Kol Nidre Appeal

Support TBR during the High Holidays.

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