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Religious School

Addison M. & Elizabeth Opper Religious School

The Addison M. & Elizabeth Opper Religious School is an exciting school with a knowledgeable and caring staff. The importance of Tzedakah and mitzvot are values we strongly support and emphasize in our teachings. Children are exposed to Jewish traditions, holidays, and history. They learn to read Hebrew and lead our congregation in prayer in preparation for their bar/bat mitzvah as well as their future integration into the Jewish community. Our high school students may participate in post bar/bat mitzvah study and assist the Religious School as Madrichim (teacher's aides).

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Carrying Torah Scrolls


The mission of the Addison M. & Elizabeth Opper Religious School is to provide a fundamental Jewish educational experience in a supportive environment that fosters a positive Jewish identity and pride in our shared culture and heritage.  
We accomplish our goals by:

Developing and maintaining a caring and involved community of clergy, teachers, parents and students.

Creating and implementing a curriculum that is stimulating, relevant, integrated, and age appropriate.

Striving to foster competence in the following areas for all students so that they can participate meaningfully in the Jewish community throughout their lives: 

  • Reading Hebrew

  • Developing an ability to participate comfortably in religious services            

  • Becoming familiar with Jewish holidays and traditions            

  • Acquiring knowledge in Jewish history and culture as well as the rich heritage and related current events

School 22-23 is underway!



Children in the early elementary years receive exposure to Jewish traditions, holidays, and bible stories. We also familiarize our students with the Hebrew alphabet and have many participatory activities to keep them engaged. Sunday school begins with a bagel brunch for families to socialize. Students make new friends including those from other school districts.

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Deeper Engagement

Starting in third grade, religious school students ideally meet twice a week to begin reading Hebrew in earnest and deepening the understanding of traditions and services. Friendships are continued and we emphasize positivity and fun. These years set the stage for a successful b-mitzvah; we begin work with families to personalize the b-mitzvah experience.

Bat Mitzvah Girl


B'nei Mitzvah Prep

The year leading up the bar or bat mitzvah includes monthly meetings with the Rabbi, sessions with the Cantor and our in-house tutor, as well as classes once a week. This year is the cornerstone of a lifelong proud Jewish identity.

Tutoring Session


Teacher's Aide Program

Students in 8th through 12th grades have the opportunity to serve as Madrachim, or teachers’ assistants. The high school aged teens offer help and guidance to younger religious school students. As a Madracha or Madrich, they help to lead classes, facilitate special events and meet together monthly throughout the school year. Not only is it a rewarding experience for our teen members, but it also allows them to earn community service hours or earn money.  

For more information or to schedule a personal tour:

Contact the Temple Office


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