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Tikkun Olam and Social Interaction

Rishon is deeply committed to meaningful social interactions, with a full catalog of activities that both enhance the self through community and the improve the world through charitable action. Through many member-run committees, we strive to provide congregants with valuable opportunities to use their time and energy in rewarding, constructive ways.



Giving Back

The Community Outreach committee at Rishon helps to coordinate a variety of temple and community wide activities that help to give back to those in need as well as raising awareness about Jewish/Israel issues within the community.  We conduct food drives, cook at area shelters, volunteer at hospitals on holidays, and more.



Support in Times of Need

We create and deliver welcome baskets to new member families and to congregants who are welcoming a new baby to their family. We reach out to those who are praying for someone who is ill by calling them periodically to wish them well and let them know that we are thinking of them. We offer support to those who have had a loss of a loved one by calling with condolences and sending a Shabbat dinner.



Love for Students

We keep our community’s love and support in the back of our student’s mind by periodically sending greetings, gift packages, Jewish festival treats, exam survival kits and relevant information to help them embrace their future.



Developing Sisterhood

Rishon's Women's Club brings Jewish women of all generations together for the purpose of personal and spiritual growth. With the friendship and cooperation of other Jewish women in our community, our Women's Club helps to support Jewish ideals and encourage spiritual connections. 



Responsible Stewardship

We run innovative programs to reduce our environmental footprint, to decrease our use of energy, to be more ecologically responsible, and to educate our congregants on the benefits of sustainability. Over the past five years we have nearly halved our building's energy consumption!



Fostering Bromance

Activities designed for the Rishon community of men give our members the opportunity to build lasting friendships between new and existing members. The Men's Club does a lot of cooking at our events and conducts social activities such as hiking and the occasional bonfire!

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