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Rishon - A Welcoming Community

Founded in 1975, Rishon is a warm and energetic community that welcomes individuals and families from diverse Jewish backgrounds. Our congregants represent an amazing cross-section of individuals with strong spiritual Judaic backgrounds as well as those who feel more of a cultural connection. 


We fully embrace those who were born Jewish, those who choose to be Jewish, and those who are part of an interfaith family. We are an independent and egalitarian community; our worship appeals to people who identify with either the Conservative or the Reform movements. We recognize both matrilineal and patrilineal descent. Our hearts and minds are open to people of various views, lifestyles, and backgrounds.

Our relationships ensure the strength and longevity of our temple. This is a place where your children can form their first bonds to Jewish tradition, where you can find spiritual and educational choices and where you can create lifelong friendships. Music permeates our organization and is a key component of Rishon's essence.

We warmly invite you to join our community! 

Image by David Holifield

We gather together on Shabbat to pray, learn and celebrate life cycle events, including bar/bat mitzvahs, baby namings, auf-rufs, birthdays and anniversaries. Our Rabbi leads the service of traditional prayer, sermons and Torah readings, while the Cantor’s vocalization offers musical support, leading the congregation in traditional melodies, classical expressions of music and contemporary arrangements.

Children Studying Alphabet

With a state-of-the-art preschool, a thriving religious school, and continuing education activities for adults, Rishon fosters learning opportunities for all congregants, from new to old.

  • Preschool with specials

  • Religious School

  • Youth Group

  • Rabbi's classes

  • Lunch and Learn

  • Guest Speakers

  • Reader's Circle Book Club

  • Adult B'nai Mitzvah

  • Conversations and Cocktails

  • Men's Speakeasy

Donation Boxes
Social Interaction and Tikkun Olam

Our dedicated members run various projects and volunteer activities at our temple and within the Jewish community.

Our social programs are designed to fulfill social connection and leave the world a better place.

  • T'Green Olam

  • Women's Club

  • Caring Committee

  • College Connection

  • For Men

  • Social Action

Girl Playing Guitar

Our services are highly musical, with accompaniment from instruments and our dedicated Kol Rishon choir. Music is an expression of everything we strive to do at Rishon, communal and uplifting.

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