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Chalkboard with Different Languages

Hebrew Tutor Judy Ackerman

As the TBR Religious School Director, Gonen’s goal is to create a positive school environment where students are comfortable and engaged in a relevant curriculum that imparts valuable lessons and skills.  Gonen holds parental involvement in high regard and the entire staff is dedicated to their participation and inclusion whenever possible! 


Gonen Arad is honored and thrilled to serve as the Director of Temple Beth Rishon’s Religious School.  He feels truly blessed to be the instructional leader of such an awesome community of educators working together to share their love and knowledge of Jewish faith.  
Gonen has devoted his life to the field of Jewish education.  


His formal education includes a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Administration and a Master of Arts in Jewish Education. One constant in his life has been his varied experience with secular and Jewish organizations that seek to engage people individually and as a group to truly understand and live a faith-filled life. He is passionate about connecting with families and facilitating their connections with Jewish identity.


Gonen feels that each new family he encounters adds to his own education and allows him to continue to grow as an educator. 
Originally from Israel, Gonen and his wife Einat now reside in Bloomingdale.  According to Gonen, his three “amazing” children, Zohar, Maor and Yahli, and his wife inspire him and support his efforts to engage and welcome all of the families here at TBR!   When he’s not at the helm of our Religious School, Gonen loves to be with family and friends.  He enjoys travelling, sports, outdoor activities and listening to music. 

In Gonen’s words: “I believe that good communication is the key to success. My door is always open to you and I am available to you. Please feel free to share your ideas with me!”

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