The TBR Youth Group is an inclusive social organization for children and teens from Kindergarten through High school from multiple neighboring towns. Our Youth Group Director, Jana Schwartz, offers programs during the monthly meetings with fun themes or festive meals, weekend events, leadership programs, and volunteer opportunities which promote Jewish values. 

TBR Youth Group has something for everyone!  A great Jewish experience and opportunities to foster a close identity with Israel through stories, games, field trips, Shabbat experiences, social events, and exposure to Jewish and Israeli culture. Contact Jana Schwartz, Director for membership information.


Click HERE for a Volunteer Opportunity to Babysit during the High Holiday Services.


It's hard to believe that we are in the thick of autumn and youth group is in full swing! The past couple of months have been super busy with the Jewish holidays but we can't wait to kick into full gear this month with a visit from Shir, our Israeli intern. This past month, our youth group kiddos had shown their architectural skills by building candy Sukkahs and boy, did they do a good job! Take a look at the photos of our fun bonfire we attended to celebrate Sukkot in style with roasting marshmallows and listening to amazing tunes.

If you haven't experienced Youth Group yet, it's never too late. Can't wait to see you at the next weekly party

Kids and parents, please note that it’s okay if you can’t attend EVERY meeting, you still should sign up and try your best to come to ONE event a month. YG is meant to non-stressful and something to add fun and excitement to your life. I encourage you all to come down and try YG out!

As always, please look to find out what is new with your Club and call me or the main office to sign up for events that will be taking place on the weekends. It is VERY important and helpful if you sign up in advance for events. Don’t forget, membership dues are being accepted now, the fee is $175.00 for the year which includes dinner at every event. You may mail in your dues directly to the main office or to my attention. As always, I thank you so much for you time and involvement in YG program for this year. Please contact me anytime with your suggestions or comments.

B'Shalom, Jana Schwartz, Youth Director/Religious School Teacher  201-891-4466 Extension 209

December, 2016 - Youth Group Club 34 with Dreidles

December, 2016 - Youth Group Club 34 with Jewish Family Service

October, 2016 - Youth Group Back to School Meetings

April, 2016

Youth Group's Chocolate Seders