The TBR Youth Group is an inclusive social organization for children and teens from Kindergarten through High school from multiple neighboring towns. Our Youth Group Director, Jana Schwartz, offers programs during the monthly meetings with fun themes or festive meals, weekend events, leadership programs, and volunteer opportunities which promote Jewish values. 

TBR Youth Group has something for everyone!  A great Jewish experience and opportunities to foster a close identity with Israel through stories, games, field trips, Shabbat experiences, social events, and exposure to Jewish and Israeli culture. Contact Jana Schwartz, Director for membership information.



The following hashtags # are on the top of our list to practice…. #Do Jewish — by giving tzedakah, tikkun olam, and engaging in Jewish rituals. # Play Jewish — enjoy mingling with Jewish friends at our weekly youth group gatherings. # Think Jewish — participants apply Jewish ethics to their daily lives. #Be Kind- by the simple act of gemilut hasadim the giving of loving and kindness to one another.

As Thanksgiving is approaching with its yummy and loving meal, let us take the time to appreciate one another and be THANKFUL for all that we have. In Youth Group, we are so thankful for our fun times and the beautiful memories that we make. Let’s keep the fun level up and add to the calendar what will be approaching this month and next… L’Shalom, Jana Schwartz

TBR youth group is a place to belong - a place to smile, chill, learn, laugh, and grow! Youth group enables our participants to work together, build character and confidence and develop their individual potential in an exciting format. These youth programs offer age-appropriate opportunities such as holiday enrichment activities, games, art, and free discussions. Examples of some fun YG activities to look forward to include: Wacky brain teasers, Game nights, Ice breakers, Chocolate Seder, Candy Sushi, visits from the Shilah, Crab soccer, Yoga, Crazy Twister, and the list goes on…

Our mission is to give all participants an enjoyable Jewish experience while helping them mature and develop as happy, growing, responsible and confident children. TBR youth group is a place to belong for Jewish kids - a youth group that encourages acceptance, character building, guidance, and self-development.


NOV 15 - Club 56
Nov 20 - Club 34
Nov 29 - Club 56
December 2 - Hanukah Fun Day

Jana Schwartz, Youth Director/Religious School Teacher  201-891-4466 Extension 209

Wrapping up another fun-filled year of Youth Group & Religious School!