Dear TBR Family,

Closing out 2018 and I hope this season finds you well! As the first semester comes to its conclusion, we acknowledge the fleeting passage of time!

Time is valuable, and even sacred, in Judaism as it marks the arrival and completion of cherished and honored traditions. We are commanded by God to express our gratitude each day for our lives. The Talmud calls each of us to express 100 blessings per day – such as a morning blessing as we wake, and others before and after we eat – helping us live with appreciation for life.

Each school day, I reflect on how I am blessed to interact with the students. As I observe them, connect them with their Jewish heritage, traditions, and community, I appreciate that blessings are an integral part of my days at TBR. Spending time educating and affecting the students is time that I cherish, especially considering today’s realities. It is a critical that we collectively use our time as Jews to promote Judaism in the young. Like the Maccabees in the Chanukah story, we who are passionate about the Jewish religion and traditions, are called to do all we can to maintain the active practice of the faith for the next generation.

Religious school families had much to enjoy last month, especially the annual Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day! Our grandparents and special friends left with great memories of time well-spent. The breakfast and lunch were much appreciated and grandparents and special friends got to enjoy time in the classrooms with their favorite student. A day spent learning about Chanukah proved the perfect mitzvah of sharing our traditions from generation to generation. This school has a wonderful spirit.

Looking ahead - Chanukah Fun Day is taking place on Sunday, Dec 2nd. The plans are set for a party-like celebration for all ages to enjoy. TBR members, their friends and neighbors, are invited to rejoice in this magnificent and social event. Jana, our youth director, has organized another wonderful family gathering and this year it promises to be a great success!

Please continue to support our school, stay warm and enjoy the winter break.

All the best and Happy Chanukah,

Gonen Arad, Religious School Director