Dear TBR Family,

I hope this letter finds you well. There continues to be good news from the religious school! New families have joined our program and begun to share in the positive spirit of TBR. Our students are learning and growing in their Jewish faith as they spend positive time with their friends and teachers.

Reflecting on the last month, our annual weekend retreat for students in grades 3 through 6 was awesome! Everyone took away good memories of their time together and we are so pleased to see many students coming out to participate. Our very first Shabbat Kulanu was well attended by all ages – from babes to seniors-and it left us all looking forward to the next one in March! Our special Saturday Shabbat Experience offered students the chance to expand their knowledge of Shabbat – including the making of some delicious Challah! Sunday school breakfasts are filled with friendship, laughter, and positive energy. The food is plentiful and we hope to see more of you each week.

Now, we look ahead to Purim, a fun, and festive holiday. Purim brings us celebrations, parades, and special gatherings with family and friends. However, Purim also calls on us to reflect on a specific story. In this story, anti-Semitic Haman, is angered by Mordechai’s refusal to bow down to him. In retaliation, Haman decides to destroy the entire Jewish people and picked a day by a “pur” (a lottery) when his plan would be fulfilled. In the end, the Jews are saved from persecution and Purim is aptly named to reflect that event. At Purim, we are reminded that even when events appear to be random, much like a lottery, God is still the ultimate controller of fate.

Please continue to support our wonderful school community and join us in the celebration of the Purim Carnival on Sunday, March 17th. Looking forward to see you all!

All the best and take care,

Gonen Arad, Religious School Director