Dear TBR Family,

Welcome to a new year of TBR Religious School!

We hope your families feel at home here, participating in our active Jewish community, sharing a rich heritage and blessed traditions. Together we will learn Torah, worship God, and improve the world around us. As the new school year opens, it brings potential for spiritual growth and community connection.

The TBR Religious School is a fun, vibrant, and exciting place for the children to come to each week. They will enjoy time with Jewish friends, build a foundation of faith, deepen their understanding of Jewish culture, and make memories to last a lifetime. I have worked diligently with our teachers to create a nurturing and meaningful Jewish educational program.

The start of school reminds us also that the High Holidays are just few weeks away! The days leading up to, and those during, the High Holidays give us time to reflect on the past year and prepare our minds and souls for what’s to come. A contemplation of the positive, good fortune we share at TBR as well as the strength of our religious school program, confirm for us that we are blessed.

Please take a moment to plan your time and mark your calendars. September is a busy month and your participation enhances the success of each event.

Sunday, Sept. 10th - First Day of Religious School at 9:30am. Kick off Barbecue at 11:00AM for all families.
Tuesday, Sept. 12th – First Day of Hebrew School (3rd & 4th)
Wednesday, Sept. 13th – First day for 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th.
Thursday, Sept. 14th - First Day of Hebrew School (5th & 6th)

Special Events:
Thursday, Sept. 21st, 10:45AM - Rosh Hashanah Youth Program (K-6th)
Friday, Sept. 22nd, 10:45AM - Rosh Hashanah Youth Program (K-6th)
Saturday, Sept. 30th, 10:45AM - Yom Kippur Youth Program (K-6th) 

Wishing you all Shana Tovah Umetuka, A Good and Sweet Year - may this year be full of success, love, health, wealth and joy!

Gonen Arad, Religious School Director,