Dear TBR Family,

Hope this letter finds you well! The fall is here and I like it for many reasons — the cool, fresh air, warm beverages and cozy sweaters are just a few. But perhaps the thing that I like the most about fall is the changing of the leaves as trees suddenly burst with so many strong, gorgeous colors. Nature conveys to us that changes can be beautiful and very appreciative.

Judaism like the trees is not stagnant, but changing and growing all the time. We live in an era that requires us to challenge ourselves, rethink and reshape our approaches and paths, so we can be able to touch the heart and soul of every young Jewish student through the study and celebration of Judaism. We invest in creating an environment in which students learn to be comfortable and proud being Jewish, to ensure the continuation of their Jewish journey and connection to the Jewish community.

Our curriculum and staff can accommodate children with a wide spectrum of learning abilities. Students with special needs are integrated into our classes at all grade levels. Parents are welcome to contact us to see if we are a good fit for their child. One of our most meaningful events, Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day, will take place this month, on Sunday, November 18th. We invite all Grandparents, friends and TBR members to study with us and participate in our wonderful program to help us fulfill our obligation to pass our wonderful tradition and culture, “from generation to generation”. Everyone is welcome to attend! Please continue to support our wonderful school and community.

Upcoming Events:

Sunday, November 18th - Grandparents and Special Friends’ Day.
Sunday, Dec 2nd - Chanukah Fun Day.

All the best and have a wonderful month of November!

Gonen Arad, Religious School Director