Happy Chanukah TBR families,

The lights, donuts and latkes of Chanukah make it a happy, delicious Jewish holiday! During Chanukah, we honor the Maccabees, our ancestors, and their significant military victory over the Greek empire that forced the Jews to abandon their religious practices. At the same time, we rejoice in the miracle of the oil. How is it that the Jews only had enough oil to burn for one day, yet it burned for eight days? Astounding!

These Chanukah stories, miraculous or mythical, teach us never to lose hope. We are encouraged to speak our beliefs and protect our rights. Was the tiny Jewish military able to defeat one of the strongest army at the time? Did the burning of the oil really happen? Regardless, we are called to hear the messages being shared as we reflect on their value in each of our own lives.

Our Shabbat experience and Grandparents’ and Special Friend’s Day were filled with happiness and a warm spirit! Our students learned about Shabbat and celebrated Shabbat with their parents, teachers and friends. Our grandparents and special friends visited our school, participated in the classrooms’ activities and commemorated our God, as a religious school family, “from generation to generation.”

Please continue to support our school and reach out to potential new families. We look forward to welcoming our friends and neighbors to our activities!

Upcoming events:  Dec 17 - Candle Lighting Ceremony and Chanukah Fun Day at 10:15am– Please RSVP to the office.

Have a wonderful winter break and take care,

Gonen Arad, Religious School Director,  gonen@bethrishon.org