• Rishon

Nefesh Mountain - Date/Time TBD

Nefesh Mountain is a highly regarded bluegrass / Americana band that has been active since 2015. Eric Lindberg and Doni Zasloff are the heart of this eclectic band, alongside longtime bandmate and fiddle player Alan Grubner, David Goldenberg on mandolin, and Max Johnson on bass. This concert is brought to you by the Henry and Elaine Kaufman Center for Jewish Living.

Nefesh Mountain's latest album is entitled "Songs for Sparrows". Writing thirteen of the fourteen tracks, the duo looked back on a life-changing trip to Eastern Europe in 2018. “We tracked down the towns where our families are from, and it was devastating to see the destruction of the Holocaust firsthand, and to know that we’re not so far removed from that time,” says Lindberg. “” ‘Songs For The Sparrows’ ultimately came from that experience, and from thinking about the many groups of people who are horribly discriminated against in the U.S.” Zasloff adds: “To us, sparrows represent a small but mighty voice. That’s why we chose to name the album for them—they’re often overlooked, but they’re beautiful and everywhere.”

Visit their website at https://www.nefeshmountain.com/