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Lunch and Learn with Us! (Fall 2021) - Non Members Invited

We have a fantastic fall slate of cool, interesting topics. The good news is that our Lunch and Learn program is open to both members and non-members alike. If you are curious about our community and want to meet some TBR congregants, or simply like the topics offered, please reach out to our Lunch and Learn host, Susan Sorkenn: lunchandlearn@bethrishon.org She can give you details about how to participate.

October 6 - You Never Stop Parenting Your Children: You’ve Reared Them; Now What?

Presenter: Anne Lieberman

October 13 - Jewish Gangsters: But They Were Good to Their Mothers

Presenter: Edie Sobel

October 20 - Our Jewish Family Treasures and Their Stories: Let’s Share!

Presenter: Jason Okin

October 27 - October 27 - Handling Crisis: Is it possible? A Contemporary Approach to Understanding Talmudic Stories

Presenter: Rabbi Ziona Zelazo

November 3 - Covid 19 Update: The Expert Among Us

Presenter: Barry Ginsberg

November 10 - You Should Know This: A Rabbi Explains Christianity to Jews

Presenter: Rabbi Stephen Wylen