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Jeff Bukantz, Maccabi USA - Sun Apr 9 @ 12pm

Jeff Bukantz, the president of Maccabi USA, will speak at Temple Beth Rishon on Sunday April 9th, 2023. Maccabi USA builds Jewish pride through sports and promotes support for Israel, Zionism, and Jewish continuity through athletic, educational, and cultural experiences for participants of all ages. This event is brought to you by the Kaufman Center for Jewish Living.


Bukantz, son of Olympic and Maccabiah Fencer Daniel Bukantz (z”l), first got involved with Maccabi USA as a Fencer at the 11th Maccabiah Games in 1981. He became involved with the leadership of Maccabi USA as Fencing Chairman for the 13th World Maccabiah Games held in 1989, and became a member of the Board of Directors in 1993, a position he has held for the last 23 years. Bukantz joined the Executive Committee of the Maccabi USA Board of Directors in 1998, and served as Associate Treasurer from 2009-2013, and First Vice President from 2013-present.

Bukantz served as the General Chair for the USA Maccabiah Organizing Committee for both the 2013 and 2017 World Maccabiah Games. During both Maccabiot, the Organizing Committee successfully brought 1,100+ member delegations to Israel to participate. He was also the Chair of the USA Organizing Committee for the 2011 European Maccabi Games in Vienna. Bukantz competed in Fencing in four consecutive Maccabiot from 1981-1993 winning 11 medals including three gold. He competed as a golfer in the 2015 Pan American Maccabi Games as a member of the gold medal Masters Golf team.

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