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Adult B'Nei Mitvah Classes - ON HOLD

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

It’s never too late to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah!

The desire to become an adult bar or bat mitzvah may occur at any age and for many differing reasons. Perhaps your parents didn’t offer you the opportunity to celebrate your coming of age with a bar or bat mitzvah when you were 12 or 13. Perhaps as a woman, you were denied this rite of passage in a more orthodox synagogue. Perhaps you have recently converted to Judaism. Or perhaps you are interested in rediscovering your Jewish heritage.

Recent Adult B-Mitzvah Grads!

JOIN US at Temple Beth Rishon on a journey of 15-18 months to re-connect with your Jewish identity, to learn the skills necessary to fully participate in Shabbat services, to study the Torah and analyze the parshats and to learn basic Hebrew to allow you to read the siddur and the Torah.

Our curriculum includes:

a) The Synagogue, The Service, The Prayers

b) The Jewish Calendar and Festivals

c) Jewish Values and Ethics

d) Hebrew Reading (For those who need it)

e) Bar and Bat Mitzvah: A Jewish Life Cycle Event

f) Hebrew Names: Meaning and Exploration

g) Torah and Haftarah Study

h) Leading and Participating in the Shabbat Morning Services

i) Beginning Hebrew Class

Classes will be taught by Reb Beni and Judy Ackerman, our experienced Hebrew tutor, who will aid you with your reading skills.

The class culminates with all students celebrating their milestone together with an extraordinary and moving Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony during Shabbat morning services. Each student has the opportunity to fully participate in the service, reading from the torah and chanting the blessings while their family and friends beam with pride at their accomplishment!

Instructors: Reb Beni Wajnberg, Judy Ackerman

Cost: Members: $360. Non-Members: $500.

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