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Membership in Temple Beth Rishon entitles you to attend all holiday and social events and to vote at the annual congregational meeting. Members are encouraged to express their opinions and needs at all times. Our rabbi, cantor, president, and lay leaders are always available to help you make the most of our membership opportunities.

Temple members in good standing are assured of a seat in the sanctuary for High Holy Day services. Members are entitled to the services of our rabbi or cantor for life-cycle events such as weddings, baby-namings, bar or bat mitzvah, and funerals of members and their immediate family. While contributions are always welcome, no official fee is charged for these services.

Below is a range of Temple Beth Rishon membership categories: 

  • Full Family – Members are considered full family members once the eldest child enters 3rd grade or above and includes all children in the family up until age 25. Adult children older than 25 years of age may apply for an Individual membership. 

  • Married Couple – This category is for legally married couples without children, at least one of whom is between the ages of 36 and 64 years old. 

  • Young Family -  This category is for legally married couples whose eldest child is younger than third grade.

  • Young Couple – A legally married couple without children in which both spouses are under the age of 35. 

  • Single – An individual who is not in a legal marriage and does not have any dependents under the age of 26. 

  • Single Senior – An individual who is not legally married, does not have any dependents under the age of 26 and has reached the age of 65. 

  • Semi-Senior Couple – Semi-seniors are legally married couples without any dependents under the age of 26, with one spouse over the age of 65. 

  • Senior Couple – A senior couple is a legally married couple who are both over the age of 65, without dependents over the age of 26. 

  • Gratitude Membership – To thank our senior members for their continued support, we offer a complimentary membership to individuals or couples who have both reached the age of 75 and have been members in good standing for 18 years or more.

Building Fund Contribution

Full-families, married couples and single members (over the age of 36) are required to contribute to the community building fund which is used for the upkeep of our facilities. The building fund payment may be paid over a period of five years and may be deferred for the first year of membership.

Please contact Stacey Frenkel, VP of Membership for information specific to your family situation.