Giving Opportunities - Kol Nidre Appeal

Below please read our 2018 Kol Nidre Appeal letter from Kol Nidre Chairperson, Mark Niederman.

Dear Friends,

As members of our TBR community for 24 years, my family is well acquainted with many aspects of the vibrant programs and opportunities available for our diverse community of congregants. As Vice President of Buildings and Grounds, I have become intimate with the physical needs of our infrastructure. These aggregated experiences led to my being honored as the Kol Nidre chair for this year.

This year I make our appeal on a different basis than in the past. The loss of Cantor Mamber has dealt a blow to our community. But through our response to this tragedy – the coming together, the hugging and crying together – I am convinced our loss will pull our community closer as chevre. As we work to perpetuate the focus of Ilan’s life work, Jewish life and Temple Beth Rishon, and to keep the echoes of his energy reverberating throughout our building, supporting our community is perhaps the most appropriate response I can imagine to his passing.

As often seems the case in life, sadness is closely juxtaposed to joy. And we rejoice in the excitement of Reb Beni Wajnberg’s embarking upon his rabbinate in our community. Reb Beni is truly a reason for optimism, as any of us who has had opportunity to interact with him will recognize. His spirituality and Yiddishkeit are remarkable. We are truly blessed to have him as our spiritual leader.

We stand at a moment of paradox in our community’s history. My earnest optimism for our future is grounded in our resilience and our affection for each other, for this place and our rich history. Your engagement in our activities and your generosity are critical to our mission: to assure Temple Beth Rishon continues to provide a thriving center for Jewish life in our community.

The mitzvah of your contribution will maintain our community and perpetuate our legacy. Thank you in advance for your generosity. We look forward to sharing the High Holy Days together.

With humble appreciation,

Mark Niederman                            Zahava Trosten
Kol Nidre Chairperson                   VP of Fundraising