HIGH HOLIDAYS - Security & Parking

The Temple Beth Rishon Safety and Security Committee has approved the following security procedures for the High Holidays.  We appreciate your cooperation.

1.  Only cars with a new teal & white TBR decal will be admitted into the parking lot.  This also applies to those who have permanent spaces, guests, choir and staff. If you don’t have a decal for your car, obtain the decal at the office.  Place the decal on the inside lower passenger side of the windshield.

2.  Only Temple members and staff will be issued parking stickers for our lot.  The parking decals are non transferable. Guests will have to use alternative parking facilities

3.  Stop when entering the Temple driveway so that security personnel can check your decal.

4.  Admittance to the building will be by ticket only. In order to make it easier for our front door security people, each adult and their walking children must hold their ticket in their own hands.  One person may not hold tickets in their hand for the whole family. If you are dropping off a family member and will require admittance to the building later, make sure that you take your ticket with you.

5.  Please park your vehicles ONLY in the designated spots marked in the temple parking lot.

6.  Handbags and packages will be subject to inspection.  Please refrain from bringing them into the temple to expedite your entrance into the building.

7.  Please drive carefully in the Temple parking lot.  Follow the instruction of the security personnel as to space availability.

8.  All rear and side doors will be locked at all times.  Please let your youngsters know not to enter or leave through them. In past years this has been a security problem.

9. Yizkor services are open to non-ticket holders.  Without a parking decal they must park outside of Temple property.

10.  When walking from the curb to the building, please use the walk lanes.

11.  High Holiday security procedures start with Erev Rosh Hashanah and end with Break Fast after the Yom Kippur concluding service.

For our mutual benefit, please do not ask our security volunteers to violate the above procedures. 


Your new parking sticker can be found in the High Holiday Packet. Every vehicle entering our parking lot must display this current year's sticker on the lower right passenger portion of the windshield.  If you need extra or replacement stickers, please call the temple office.

Overflow parking:

Erev, 1st and 2nd Day Rosh Hashanah:  Extra parking will be available at the Grace United Methodist Church MAIN Parking Lot (555 Russell Ave.) and Bergen Christian Christian Testimony Church (560 Russell Ave.)  Please do not park in areas which are used by the Grace Methodist Preschool!

Kol Nidre: Extra Parking will be available at both churches. 

Yom Kippur Morning & Afternoon: Extra Parking will be available at both churches. Please do not park in areas which are used by the Grace Methodist Preschool!

Please respect the "No Parking" signs place on grassy areas on our neighbors' property.

Street parking will be permitted on the north and south sides of Russell Avenue, as in the past,from the TBR driveway east up to Harvest Court.  Parking will also be permitted on one side of Kelly Court, Eder and Farview Aves.  There will be no parking permitted on Sicomac Avenue or on Russell Avenue from the temple up to Sicomac Avenue.