HIGH HOLIDAYS - Decorum & Seating Guidelines

Ritually Speaking...Know Before Whom You Stand!
Decorum Guidelines

Many synagogues often inscribe this sentence over the ark. It admonishes us  to conduct ourselves properly in the synagogue. From a spiritual point of view, it tells us to open our hearts, souls, and minds to God and feel his presence. Prayer helps us establish and maintain an awareness of God, thus enabling us to remain in a state of humility. 

What is the appropriate attire to wear to Temple Beth Rishon’s High Holiday Services? 
Please dress modestly. We ask women to cover their shoulders and have appropriate dress or skirt lengths. We request that appropriate attire be worn by family members of all ages. We ask that all men wear a kippah or yarmulke, and we ask that all men wear a tallit or prayer shawl. We encourage women to wear tallit as well. Please help conserve our resources by bringing your own tallit and head covering. We offer women head coverings during services, though it is optional. All women who ascend the bimah must wear a head covering.   

When is it appropriate to enter and exit the sanctuary? 
Due to the large number of congregants joining us during the holidays, traffic flow in and out of the sanctuary must be managed.  The ushers undertaking this task are fellow congregants. Please bear in mind these friends deserve our respect and cooperation.  We ask that you follow their directions, using the doors as designated. Keep in mind, ushers are directed by clergy not to allow anyone to enter or exit the sanctuary when:

                         - The Congregation is standing in prayer
                         - The Rabbi is giving his sermon
                         - The Cantor is chanting certain liturgical prayers

Please maintain proper decorum while waiting in the lobby to be seated as well as during services in the sanctuary. The High Holidays are a wonderful time to reunite with friends, but excessive socializing is disruptive to fellow congregants and the clergy. Please be respectful to those praying around you.

What are the rules regarding electronic devices?
Before entering the sanctuary, please shut off all electronic devices. Using them is prohibited during services. There should be no cell phone use of any kind including making/receiving calls, texting, emailing, playing games, taking photos and/or taking or watching videos.

We request that our community and their guests respect the level of humility and awe that we achieve at Temple Beth Rishon. 

Seating Guidelines

Reserved Seating (Pews & green cushioned seats immediately behind sanctuary): As a part of the fundraising for our 2002 building expansion, congregants were able to purchase seats for the High Holidays. Each year a concerted effort is made to identify any reserved seats that become available during the holiday services. Ushers will move people into those seats on a first come first served basis.
Non-Reserved Seating (White, select green seats and brown seats): In the spirit of the holidays, we request that you be considerate of others and not hold seats for late arriving friends or family members. It is not appropriate to use a ritual garment such as a tallit as a seat holder. Ushers have been instructed to remove any tallit they see used this way.

If someone steps out of the service for a short period of time, then saving a seat is understandable.  If a child participates in one of our children’s programs, or a member of your party leaves the service for an extended time, we ask that you relinquish those seats.


Click here for full information, rates and seating chart.  Call the Temple office if you are interested or have further questions at 201-891-4466.