HIGH HOLIDAY Ticket Policy

Distribution of Tickets: Tickets will be included in your High Holiday Packets for all members whose dues are up to date. 

Entry to the Temple with Tickets:  In order to make it easier for our front door security people, each adult and their walking children must hold their tickets in their own hands. One person may not hold tickets in their hand for the whole family. If you are dropping off a family member and will require admittance to the building later, make sure that you take your ticket with you.

Lost Tickets: 
Due to security concerns, duplicate tickets will not be sent to those congregants who have lost their originals.  If you have misplaced your tickets, upon entering the synagogue see Nancy Wellington at the reception desk in the main entrance when you enter the synagogue.   

Guest Tickets: Guest tickets may be purchased by a TBR member exclusively for visiting family members. For security reasons, names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses for each guest with a guest ticket are required to be on file with TBR. 
Please contact the Temple office (201-891-4466) to purchase guest tickets for relatives. Inquire about the discounts available for single adult children ages 26 thru 30. (see below)

Policy on High Holiday Tickets for the adult children of our members:

Children whose permanent residence is with their parents and are up to 25 years of age, are considered part of the family membership and therefore a ticket will be provided for them in the High Holiday packet.  

Members with children who reside with them between the ages of 26 and 29 (from their 26th birthday until their 30th birthday) are not included in the High Holiday packet. 

In the past, children 26 and older were required to purchase a guest ticket for $180 each.  This year, we will be offering a discounted High Holiday ticket of $90 per child for children 26 through 29 years of age who reside with their parents.

If you have any questions, please call the Temple office at 201-891-4466.