Gift Shop

Please stop by to see all of our many Judaica items including Seder Plates, Matzah Plates and covers, Shabbat Candlesticks, Challah Boards, Challah Covers, Kiddish Cups and our incredible selection of unique Mezuzot.

We also have a fabulous array of yarmulke/head coverings for men, women and boys, with sports teams, Spider-Man, Sponge-Bob and more; knit, suede and even small enough for the new baby at his Bris. We can also special order Yarmulkes for your child’s Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Wedding or any other occasion, along with beautiful personalized Ketubah too! Children’s books on the holidays, puzzles and lots more!

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask us and we will shop it for you! Many new items have arrived for all of your holiday and gift giving needs. Call Carrie Reed at 201-723-2366 or Mindy Felixbrod at 201-248-2892 for an appointment at your convenience.


Gift Shop History

The Gift Shop at Temple Beth Rishon has been in existence since the synagogue’s inception in July of 1975. The Sisterhood of Beth Rishon operated and managed the Shop under the direction of Roberta Russell who carried it forward for many years, along with other dedicated women of the Sisterhood. At that time we had a display case that was built into a wall of the lobby just outside of the main office. Interested parties either inquired or made purchases through the office or contacted a member of Sisterhood. Our inventory was small but it served us well for many years.

Fast-forward to 2002 when the Temple expansion was complete, and the Sisterhood now had real square footage in a small shop that we could call our own. Today, we have continued to progress and add new and exciting Judaica to our shop all of the time. We raise thousands of dollars for our temple every year primarily through the generous support of our congregation, Preschool and Religious School Staff. As the economy has slowed, so have sales in our shop, but fortunately our landlords have given us a free lease in perpetuity so our overhead is merely the cost of our merchandise!

We hope your generosity and support will continue as we venture to maintain our shop and serve our congregation. If you have suggestions or would like to volunteer please contact Carrie Reed at 201-723-2366 or the Temple Office. We would LOVE to hear from you!!