Catering FAQ

If you are considering using Temple Beth Rishon for your upcoming affair, you may have some questions. Below are some commonly asked questions about planning an event at our Temple with corresponding answers to assist you in making your decision.


Q. How many people does the Kaufman Sanctuary seat?
A. The Kaufman Sanctuary can seat up to 325 people comfortably.

Q. How many parking spaces are in the parking lot?
A. There are 125 parking spots in the parking lot and we have access to another parking lot across the street pending permission.

Q. How many people does the Schwartz Ballroom comfortably seat?
A. If the Schwartz Ballroom is used in its entirety, it holds up to 300 people. The ballroom can be divided into smaller rooms. The larger of the 2 rooms (large function room) holds 185, and the smaller of the 2 rooms (pre-function room) holds 100. If you are holding an affair that does not require a dance floor, the capacity increases by about 60 people.

Q. Where and when can the cocktail hour take place?
A. The location of the cocktail hour largely depends on the size of your party. If you are having less than 185 guests, your cocktail hour may be handled in two different ways. The cocktail hour may be in the Reception Salon, and then your guests will move into the large function room for the rest of your affair. Or, you may have the cocktail hour in the Bedrin Lobby and then your guests would proceed into the large function room. (If you are involved in a double B’nei Mitzvah, the lobby is not available immediately following services for your private party.)

If your affair will have over 185 guests, you may have the cocktail hour in the Reception Salon, and your guests would move into the lobby for approximately 15 minutes while the ballroom is fully opened. Most likely, passed hor d’oeuvres would continue, and a bar would be set up in the lobby. When the room is set up, your guests would proceed into the ballroom. In the event of a wedding, you could have your cocktail hour in the Reception Salon prior to the ceremony and then while the ceremony is occurring, the ballroom would be opened and prepared.

Q. Where would you hold an extended Kiddush after a Bar/Bat Mitzvah?
A. Depending on the number of guests you will be having, an extended Kiddush can be in either portion of the ballroom. Planning an extended Kiddush does become dependent on what other events are occurring in the Temple at the same time. (It is customary to invite the entire congregation to your extended Kiddush.)

Q. Do you have a bridal suite or a groom’s suite?
A. We have a lovely bridal suite with a bathroom. We do not have a groom’s suite but our men’s bathroom is beautifully appointed in floor to ceiling marble for the groom's party to use.

Q. How big is the dance floor?
A. The maximum size of the dance floor can be 30 feet by 30 feet. The dance floor is adjustable in size so we could make some accommodations based on the size of your party. There is a fee of $100 to completely change the placement of the dance floor.

Q. Do you have a chuppa?
A. We do have a chuppa. It is a silk, hand-painted chuppa that coordinates beautifully with the sanctuary. There is no extra fee to use the chuppa.

Q. Do we need to provide flowers for the Bima?
A. It is customary for the simcha family/families to provide the flowers for the bima. The flowers are placed in front of each lectern and should not be wider than 4 feet or higher than 3 feet.

Q. May we use the Sanctuary for a speaker, speeches or a related program?
A. Normally, the use of the Sanctuary for events other than life cycle events is at the discretion of the Rabbi. Men must wear a kippah at all times in the Sanctuary, and women are also encouraged to wear a head covering. Absolutely nothing may be removed from the Sanctuary at any time.

Q. In the event of snow, can we be assured the parking lot and walkways will be cleared?
A. We have a contract with a very reliable snow removal service that has the Temple on priority status.

Q. Does the Temple offer the services of a coat check person?
A. The caterer, the party decorator or the Temple catering coordinator should be able to provide the services of an experienced coat check. There will be an additional fee for a coat check person.

Q. Does the Temple provide restroom attendants?
A. Temple Beth Rishon does not provide restroom attendants, but you may arrange for those services through the caterer, party decorator or Temple catering coordinator. There will be an additional fee for a restroom attendant.

Q. Does the Temple offer valet parking?
A. The Temple does not provide valet parking. Either the caterer or party decorator should be able to provide you with the names of valet parking services you may contract on your own.

Q. Is Temple Beth Rishon a smoke-free environment?
A. Yes, the entire Temple Building including the outside patio is smoke-free.


Q. Does Temple Beth Rishon have an exclusive caterer?
A. Temple Beth Rishon has created a panel of Kosher caterers that range in price and offering. These are the only caterers that will be allowed to use the facility. Click here for our panel of caterers.

Q. What are the caterer’s responsibilities?
A. The caterer is responsible for providing dishes, table linens, utensils, and stemware. We have tables and chairs for seating and some banquet tables for your use. It may be necessary for the caterer to supply additional serving tables if your needs are above and beyond what we own. The caterer is responsible for setting up your affair and cleaning up afterwards. This includes the kitchen, kitchen appliances, sinks, etc.

Q. What are the responsibilities of the custodians?
A. The custodians will set up the tables and chairs in the ballroom to the specifications indicated on the ballroom schematic. During the party, they are responsible for ensuring that the building is functioning properly. At the end of the party, after the party decorators/caterers remove table coverings, they will breakdown the tables and chairs. It is customary to offer a gratuity to the custodial staff.


Q. What is the fee for the use of the Temple facilities?
A. The fee schedule for rental of the facilities is available through the Temple office from which you may request a Building Rental Packet on our website.

Q. What are the financial obligations and payment schedule for using the facility?
A. Information about the fee schedule for the building rental and the security deposits is detailed in your contract. Not meeting the required payment schedule could result in your affair being cancelled by the Temple.

Q. Do I have to use the clergy of Temple Beth Rishon?
A. The Rabbi must give written authorization for another clergy person to officiate an affair at our Temple. If our clergy is used for a function, there is a customary fee. Any visiting clergy must personally contact the Rabbi.


Q. Does Temple Beth Rishon use an exclusive florist?
A. The Temple does not have an approved florist. Bima flowers may be delivered after 2:00 pm on Friday afternoon. There may be no decorations hung from the ceiling or walls in the Sanctuary, Ballroom or Lobby areas.

Q. When may pictures be taken in the Sanctuary?
A. Pictures may be taken in the Sanctuary prior to the service. The photographer must be out of the Sanctuary by 9:15am without exception. You may schedule a time to bring your photographer to the Temple a day or two prior to your Bar/Bat Mitzvah to take pictures, but this must be scheduled through the Temple office. You may also take pictures in the Ballroom and Lobby areas on Shabbat after the completion of the service.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. We shall be honored and happy to have you hold your special event at Temple Beth Rishon.


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