Clergy & Professional Staff - Cantor Vadim’s Biography (continued).

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 …In 1991, the Yucht family with their two little children, Angelina (Gila) and Gregory (Tzvika), left Communist Russia to start a new life in Israel. In Israel, Vadim's music skills and talents overcame all obstacles. His first job was as a singer in The Great Jerusalem Synagogue Choir. Vadim recalled that when he heard the Hazzan for the first time, it touched the bottom of his heart. Without understanding a single word of Hebrew, he knew at that moment that he wanted to be a Hazzan.  His deep interest landed Vadim at the Tel-Aviv Cantorial Institute where he studied with the Chief Cantor of The Great Jerusalem Synagogue, Naftali Herstik.   

In addition to singing in the Synagogue Choir and studying at the Cantorial Institute, Vadim became a member of The New Israeli Opera performing with world-famous conductors like Zubin Mehta. 

In 1998, Vadim headed to the United States with his family after accepting a cantorial position in Rockland County, New York. He and his wife enrolled in school to learn English as a second language. Subsequently, Vadim began graduate education at The Jewish Theological Seminary, where he earned his Master of Arts degree in Jewish Education. He then became a member of the Cantors' Assembly of America, through which Vadim earned his title of "Hazzan – Minister."  

Since arriving in the United States, Vadim has served multiple congregations including Orangetown Jewish Center, Morristown Jewish Center Beit Yisrael, and Temple Sholom of Bridgewater.

At Temple Beth Rishon, Vadim will strive and aspire to keep the music and memory of the beloved Cantor Ilan Mamber z"l alive.