The TBR Youth Group is an inclusive social organization for children and teens from Kindergarten through High school from multiple neighboring towns. Our Youth Group Director, Jana Schwartz, offers programs during the monthly meetings with fun themes or festive meals, weekend events, leadership programs, and volunteer opportunities which promote Jewish values. 

TBR Youth Group has something for everyone!  A great Jewish experience and opportunities to foster a close identity with Israel through stories, games, field trips, Shabbat experiences, social events, and exposure to Jewish and Israeli culture. Contact Jana Schwartz, Director for membership information



January's Youth Group had a splendid time in January with tons of fun games and social times together. The kids always love getting together with one another learning about what is going on in each other's daily lives. There is nothing better then hearing the kids chit chat among one another and with me. They get so excited to run into youth group every week with smiles on their faces!

Upcoming taste of what's coming up for the next couple of months...
February we will be having another visit from Shir our shilacha. Shir does such amazing programming related to Israel. The kids pretend that they lived on a kibbutz and they experience a day in a life of living on a kibbutz.

March highlight:  TEMPLE BETH RISHON PURIM CARNIVAL is on March 12 starting at 11AM. Bring your friends and family! Sign up by emailing the temple office or calling 201-891-4466.  There will be carnival food, inflatable bouncers, cotton candy, carnival games, game truck, Lazer Tag, Photo Booth, and so much more!

Please remember, it’s not the quantity, it’s the quality. Quality of the programs, schools, or activities that your child can become a part of. TBR is the place where there are a variety of events and activities to become involved in. If you have not had a chance to become a part of this wonderful program, it is never too late to start. Call me, stop by my office, email me, I would love to talk to you.

B'Shalom, Jana Schwartz, Youth Director/Religious School Teacher  201-891-4466 Extension 209

December, 2016 - Youth Group Club 34 with Deidles

December, 2016 - Youth Group Club 34 with Jewish Family Service

October, 2016 - Youth Group Back to School Meetings

April, 2016

Youth Group's Chocolate Seders