During the past few years, TBR’s Men’s Club has continued its tradition of active contributions within the TBR community.  We demonstrated our construction prowess while assembling the Sukkah on TBR’s patio. We served as “Iron Chefs” during events such as the Temple BBQ, Chanukah Fun Day and Purim Carnival.  A new Men’s Club sponsored event – a Super Bowl Pre-party thrown for all Temple members – was a success.  And, of course, nobody will soon forget Rabbi Emert’s enthusiasm during the annual Men’s Club Bowling Tournament.
Observance has played a key role within our activities, including teaching our 7th graders to lay tefillin and conducting the annual Men’s Club Shabbat Service (featuring the Men’s Choir). Through such experiences, Men’s Club members have strengthened existing friendships, started new ones and established deeper, richer connections within the TBR community.

We invite you to join the Men’s Club as a first-time member, or to renew your membership for the coming year. We’re looking for new members to fill leadership roles, participate in ongoing activities and help us further expand the breadth and quality of the Club’s activities and contributions.
Your annual membership dues will go directly toward funding our commitments to the TBR community. Please make your check for $36 payable to Temple Beth Rishon Men's Club.  You can mail your check directly to the Temple, drop it off at the Temple office or bring it to an upcoming Men’s Club event or meeting. Even if you are unable to attend our meetings and events, your financial support is greatly appreciated.

NOTE:  We are currently looking for a volunteer to take over as President of the Men's Club.  If you are interested, please contact Stacey Frenkel, VP of Activities.