Giving Opportunities - Kol Nidre Appeal

Excerpts from October, 2016 appeal letters from our Kol Nidre Chairperson, Jennifer Benenson and our VP of Fundraising, Scott Leibowitz.

As we approach the High Holidays, including the Kol Nidre service and the Kol Nidre Appeal, I would like to share with you some of what I have learned recently in connection with fundraising from the Jewish community, and specifically requests made to support our synagogues. First of all, I have learned that there are those who ask, those who give, and those who study the asking and the giving.  How Jewish!    

I have also learned that asking Jews for donations not only gives them the opportunity to perform a mitzvah, but that in many cases, the donation will come if we simply ask.  When we ask for a donation to a Jewish cause, it is a chance for the giver to elevate him or herself to a higher purpose, to provide the tools to make a profound difference, to change a life or a community. 

In ancient times, when every Israelite over the age of twenty was obligated to pay a half shekel to maintain the cost of the Temple’s daily sacrifices, if a person couldn’t afford the half shekel, richer members of the community could not give the tax for him. They could help out by providing him with the half shekel as a loan or a gift, but he had to have the pleasure of giving the tax for himself. From this we learn that when we give, we gain as much as we give.
So we ask you – quite directly – to perform a mitzvah with a generous gift to our synagogue so that all the prayer, study, schooling, community outreach – all of the ways in which we rely on our synagogue so that we can experience life as Jews together -- can continue and can thrive. Because we value Jewish communal life, we must support our synagogue. 

Members donating $2,500.00 or more will have their name inscribed on a President’s Council plaque on the Kol Nidre board in the lobby plus on a brick on the Star of David in the garden.  Those who pledge between $1000.00 and $2499.00 will have their name inscribed on a President's Council plaque.  Donors who contribute between $500.00 and $999.00 will have their name is inscribed on a Leadership Circle plaque on the Kol Nidre board in the lobby. 

Finally, as Jews we are taught to look not only at where the money is going, but where it is coming from.  So in advance of receiving your gift, we thank you for your generosity in this tangible demonstration of your commitment to our synagogue and the Jewish community it serves. 

On behalf of all of our families, we wish you a Happy New Year – L’Shana Tovah!