The Andrew Friedland Early Childhood Learning Center is a fully licensed preschool that provides a variety of programs to meet the needs of young families. In addition to our strong, developmentally appropriate secular academic program, we provide children with the background to see the world though Jewish eyes. We take child-centered approach and believe that children learn best from engaging in exciting hands-on activities.Your child will be growing and developing in a state-of-the-art facility. Our curriculum incorporates educationally appropriate technology through the use of Smartboards in every classroom. We also introduce age-appropriate music, art and physical education in every classroom.

  • BAGELS & BABIES (Ages 12 months & younger) - This free class offers you the opportunity to make new friends while discussing parental issues with our experienced Preschool Director.

  • MOM & TOT (Walkers Ages 14-23 months by Oct. 1) - This program is designed to begin socializing your child and developing their gross motor skills while accompanied by you or your caregiver. You and your child will play, listen to stories, create arts and crafts, celebrate Shabbat and enjoy music and movement activities.

  • MID-YEAR TWO'S (Walkers Ages 15-23 months by Jan. 1) - We offer a drop-off school experience for children that are ready to be independent, but have not yet reached age 2 by October 1st of the school year. Children make new friends while developing motor and language skills, listening to stories, playing in the housekeeping corner, building, and exploring all art media. This class begins in January. 

  • ALL BY MYSELF (Age 2 by Oct. 1) - This class focuses on self-help skills and language immersion. Your child will develop a love of books and build a foundation for early reading in our print-rich environment. During circle-time, imaginations are developed through songs, finger plays, and answering open-ended questions to create stories. The framework for mathematical thinking is also laid through the use of block building, cooking and calendars.

  • SOCIABLES (Age 3 by Oct. 1) - Your three-year old is a chatterbox and a social butterfly who is eager to learn and absorb as much information as possible. Understanding this, our teachers create a warm, inclusive classroom atmosphere that creates a sense of community and fosters working together cooperatively. Your child’s creativity is nurtured and concepts in math and language, including the letters of the alphabet, are developed. Additional curriculum includes learning about the community and exploring our natural environment, season-by-season. 

  • SUPERSTARS (Age 4 by Oct. 1) - Each child is challenged at his/her stage of development and motivated to reach for the stars. Classroom activities are geared toward enhancing your child’s social, emotional, linguistic and cognitive development. Reading readiness, math skills and science activities are reinforced through interactive experiences as well as by using the latest technology in computers and Smartboards. Our children graduate with the common core curriculum skills needed to succeed in Kindergarten. 

  • KINDERGARTEN ENRICHMENT SHABBAT CLUB (Kindergartners) - This is a time to reconnect with preschool friends, to form a kehillah (community), and to enrich the public school academic experience. Designed to spark curiosity and encourage imagination and creative thinking, this program incorporates cultural arts, science, math and language arts using classroom technology. Your children will explore his/her Jewish heritage and family tree, and celebrate Shabbat and Havdalah. The teachers weave a web of knowledge and understanding as they extend mathematical and literary concepts.

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