Andrew Friedland Early Childhood Learning Center  

At the Andrew Friedland Early Childhood Learning Center at Temple Beth Rishon, we are committed to providing youngsters with a warm and nurturing environment. Temple Beth Rishon is a place where children feel comfortable to grow socially, creatively, academically and spiritually.

Judaism is integrated throughout the day through art, holiday celebrations, books, food and song. Children are exposed to Judaic content in secular areas as well. For example, learning to count may be taught by counting Chanukah candles or measuring ingredients for a recipe. Literature may be introduced through the re-telling of Jewish stories. Our goal is to have the children begin to "see the world through Jewish eyes."

It is our philosophy that children learn best through play and social interactions, incorporated into an age-appropriate curriculum. We strive to offer a variety of programs that meet the needs of our young families.

We offer a variety of programs at our Early Childhood Learning Center:

 - Our Mom & Tot class is for our youngest children, ages 15 months to 23 months. This class provides storytelling , a craft project and free play.  It also gives moms (and dads or grandparents) a chance to socialize with other parents with children of the same age.

 - Our two year old class helps children become more independent without a parent in the classroom.  We introduce reading readiness, and talk about tangible topics, such as weather and colors and shapes. Children learn to be comfortable talking about feelings, and are encouraged to play with one another and share.

 - Our three year old program begins to get a little more academic, as children have circle time each morning. They take attendance and learn to write their numbers and names, as well as introducing letters and the sounds they make.  We teach each class according to developmental benchmarks, and we expect our threes to be able to follow a sequence of two to three instructions at a time.

 - By the time the children reach our 4's program, we begin to get them ready for kindergarten.  The children learn to write upper and lower case letters, count to higher numbers and learn the months of the year.  Much of the learning that takes place is done through thematic units. Our 4's graduates are well prepared to excel in kindergarten.

All of our classes make our Early Childhood Learning Center one of the best in the county, based on the quality of the programming and the quality of our teachers.

It is the mission of the Andrew Friedland Early Childhood Learning Center to foster positive self-esteem, and the self-confidence to be a positive risk taker. We accomplish this by providing your child with a secure, loving environment. Our graduates are children that love their heritage and look forward to the challenges of future education.