Adult Education - Sociable Conversations

Lunch & Learn - A Nourishing Jewish Learning Experience

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Please join us for thought provoking and enriching presentations, educational trips and group discussions on contemporary Jewish topics. One 6-week module will be offered in the Fall and one in the Spring. 

Come for a Midday Break. Feed your Soul. Power your Mind. Rejuvenate your Intellect. Fuel your Jewish Connection!  Bring a dairy lunch; we supply desserts.  

Our Fall 2018 session will begin on Wednesday, October 10th from 12:00pm to 1:30pm with presentations as follows:

10/10 Hollywood’s Response to Anti-Semitism in America – Part I: 
            Viewing the movie “Crossfire” – a post WWII look at the issue.
Facilitator: Gail Lamster.

10/17 – Hollywood’s Response to Anti-Semitism in America – Part II:
 Discussion of “Crossfire” and issues of racial and religious bigotry.
Facilitator: Gail Lamster.

10/24 – Can Robots Be Kosher Scribes? : Taking a closer look at Torah scrolls.
Facilitator: Sharon Rubin.

10/31 – “The March of the Living” into Eretz Israel: A personal perspective of the 2018 experience.
Facilitator: Judy Opper.

11/7  –  Why Am I Here? : How does our Jewish mystical tradition (Kabbalah) respond? 
Facilitator: Rabbi Stephen Wylen.

11/14 Vie Geshmack Iz Die Yiddishe Schprach:  How savory Is the Yiddish language!
Facilitator:  Jack Berger 

Click here for a printable schedule.  For more information, contact Sharon Glassman.

Conversation & Cocktails - A Relaxing Atmosphere for Discussions

Please join us for Conversation & Cocktails. This evening program provides an opportunity to have a meaningful discussion on a range of topics in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. The conversation may result from a presentation by a speaker or an author. Or it may simply be a group discussion based on relevant topics of interest. TBR will supply the cocktails and venue for an enlightening time.

Suggestions for topics are always welcome.  Please check the Temple website Calendar for upcoming dates.